Welcome to the new NKHL...

Welcome to the new NKHL...

Hello. Welcome to the Northern Kentucky Heritage League.

' The purpose of the Northern Kentucky Heritage League shall be to foster appreciation of the fine arts.'






Come find out more about us & how we got started, or learn why we do the things we do here!



The Northern Kentucky Heritage League was formed in 1967, by three friends: Ben Baker, George Dreyer, and Luella LeVee, all telephone employees, who met to discuss the beginning of a fine arts association for Northern Kentucky. Another purpose was to support the grass roots effort to establish a gallery for the exhibition of the works of famed Covington artist, Frank Duveneck. Originally, the organization was called the Northern Kentucky Fine Arts League, but he name was later changed because of complaints from Cincinnati’s Fine Arts fund and to be more descriptive of its purpose: to foster all forms of art, music, and architecture that make up our heritage and culture.

In the summer of 1967 the Frank Duveneck Gallery was established at the Covington Library, then housed in the Carnegie Building at Scott and Robbins Streets. The dedication of Northern Kentucky’s first public gallery was a celebration attended by such dignitaries as Senator John Sherman, the Director of National Galleries, then Governor Edward Breathitt, and Duveneck’s son and granddaughter.

The NKHL was appointed to make a complete inventory of the landmarks in Northern Kentucky. This was forwarded to the Kentucky Heritage Commission, which recognized and erected markers at 12 sites (later 18 more were added).

By the end of the first year the League was embroiled in two controversies – the bringing of a floating restaurant to Riverside Drive and an urban renewal project that called for all riverfront structures between the Licking River and Greenup Street to be razed and replaced by hotels, apartments and other commercial uses. Joining with the residents of the area, League members were not successful keeping out the restaurant – as evidenced by the Mike Fink – but did manage to stop the renewal project, and the houses on Riverside Drive and the north side of Second Street were saved. This was a tremendous victory for the fledging organization. The League won the approval of Covington commissioners to reconstruct and beautify George Rogers Clark Park. When the work was finished in the spring of 1969, an art show was planned. This became the first Annual Duveneck Art Show. This tradition continues today…




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Lots of new things happening this winter. Every year the League, as a nonprofit organization, gives the funds not needed for operating expenses as grants to other organizations for use in enhancing life in Northern Kentucky. Grants this year will be awarded to Wood-Hudson Research Center in Newport ($1000), Make-a-Wish Foundation ($400), Salvation Army Mary Middleton Children’s [...]

By this time of the year we would have expected to have the snow and harsh weather over, but it is probably unrealistic to think that winter is behind us. Nevertheless, your program committee hopes, but cannot guarantee, that the 2012 programs will avoid any great snowstorms, or swelteringly hot days, or rainy downpours to [...]

Grants were awarded this year to Baker Hunt Art and Cultural Center ($1,000) in memory of Bernie Moorman; to Trinity Episcopal Memorial Garden ($1,000) in memory of David Stolberg; to St. Walburg Monastery ($500), and to Covington Ladies Home ($500). Since 1980 the Heritage League has given cash donations and grants to over 50 organizations totaling over $50,318.00. [...]

Officers for 2012 are: Sue Corken – President Dan Humpert – Vice President Pat Griffin –  Secretary Jane Purdon – Treasurer Richard Murgatroyd – Immediate Past President We have one new Board member, Gail Spence. She will be joining Pat Bailey, Cliff Daly, Lynn Humpert, Jim Jenkins, Andrew Piaskowy, Judy Adams, Shawn Baker, Clyde Middleton, Sherrill Beers, and [...]

The 44th Annual Duveneck Memorial Art Show will take place on SATURDAY, May 11, 2013, (the day before Mother’s Day) at the George Rogers Clark Park on Riverside Drive in Covington (overlooking the Ohio River and the Cincinnati skyline). This juried show features the original work of 53 regional artists in four categories – painting, sculpture, graphics and fine crafts.  In [...]


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